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Baoji City Jingyuan Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 to oil drilling logging tools, wire rope operations equipment, coiled tubing tool design research and development, manufacturing-oriented innovative enterprises.

The company has long been engaged in oil drilling equipment, tools, design, technology professionals, with a full range of production and processing equipment, testing equipment and laboratory equipment, organizations sound: a technical quality department, research and development, production, sales , Integrated management department and financial department. The main products are downhole tools (vertical wells such as testing, logging and acid fracturing, horizontal well completion tools and wire rope working tools), coiled tubing equipment (coiled tubing flushing, Hanger); salvage tools, etc.).

Company processing equipment, advanced technology, in the production process, strict quality inspection process of each pass, from the raw materials into the plant, the process of processing, assembly of finished products and outsourcing, outsourcing of parts and components have implemented a "product with the Single "management, adhere to the unqualified raw materials, outsourcing, purchased parts do not enter the factory, unqualified semi-finished products do not turn the process, unqualified parts are not assembled, does not meet the quality requirements of the product is not shipped, the company Always adhering to the "integrity, professionalism, responsibility, innovation, efficiency, attitude" of the enterprise purpose.

Companies in the implementation of standardized, procedural, standardized management, has been using modern enterprise management standards to enhance their management level, in strict accordance with the ISO9000 standard to establish the enterprise management quality system.

The company believes in "based in good faith legislation, to serve the survival, quality and development, management for efficiency, creating value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, for enterprises and the community to create benefits corporate philosophy" to "have a heart, Shoulder play, work together to create a better future "spirit of enterprise, focus on customer needs, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, we create quality, quality to meet customers, customers patronize us.